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MAWEV 2015

On the Mawev-Show 2015 the companies Fuhrmann and Wimmer Hartstahl Service present their products on a joint exhibiton stand to the trade visitors.

Fuhrmann presents wheel loader buckets for Volvo, Liebherr, Hitachi, Caterpillar in different variations.
A selection of Universal, Rehandling- light material and rock buckets shows an overview of the broad model range of co. Fuhrmann.

On the Volvo L90 Fuhrmann presents a 6,0m³ hydraulic high-tipping bucket of the latest generation with external positioned hydraulic cylinders.

The 11m³ bucket for a Volvo L150, specially designed for the loading of sugarbeets, was handed over to company Johann Wambach / Orth a.d Donau.

vlnr.: Erwin Kreuzwegerer (Betriebsleiter Fuhrmann-AEI); Firmenchef Johann-, Harald-, Johann sen.-, Johann jun. Wambach; Ing. Erich Fuhrmann  

An interesting eye-catcher was the hydraulic high-tipping bucket with hydraulic clamp, already in practical use by company Schuch KEG / Mannersdorf am Leithagebirge for forestry work.


Visit of our company representatives co. SCAPOL for Poland and co. for Finland / Russia / Baltic countries.

vlnr.: Erich Mutz (Fuhrmann-AEI); Erwin Kreuzwegerer (Fuhrmann-AEI); Alexander Ries (Fuhrmann Export sales); Eero Tölli (Fa.; Lukasz Bartosiak (Dir. Fa. Scapol); Andrzey Kasztelan (Fa. Scapol); Ing. Erich Fuhrmann  

The team of Fuhrmann Construction site equipment.

vlnr.: Ing. Erich Fuhrmann, Elisabeth Schreiber-Hugl (Verwaltung), Ing. Erich Mutz (Vertrieb/Technik); Ronald Kreuzwegerer (Fuhrmann-AEI Produktionsleiter), Christoph Östreicher (Fuhrmann-AEI ProduktionsleiterStv.); Ing. Bernhard Malcsik (Technik/Einkauf), Erwin Kreuzwegerer (Fuhrmann-AEI Betriebsleiter); Ing. Stefan Beck (Konstruktion/Technik)